Gaytravel International is an integrated interactive deferred online direct access global information reservation distribution system for tourism related product for New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tahiti and other South Pacific locations.

Gaytravel International New Zealand Vacations is an inbound tour Operator with a range of semi-structure independent travel or vacation packages, plus a range of small group tours of New Zealand using a network of gay/lesbian owned, 'Approved gay Friendly' or 'Gay Friendly accommodation and other tourism providers.

As an unique boutique international gay and lesbian destination, Gay New Zealand Vacations, understands the value of the Travel Agents worldwide

Tourism Operator's contained in Gaytravel International offer Travel Agents commissions on all its products: hotels, vacation packages and tours, making Gaytravel International the best tool when planning and/or making reservations of New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tahiti and other South Pacific locations.

To learn more about being a preferred Travel Agent, please fill in using the form. We will contact you shortly to explain about the advantages you have as our preferred Travel Agent partner.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Gaytravel International?
  2. How does Gaytravel Internationalational work?
  3. Are commissions paid?
  4. How I do I make payment/s for my Client?
  5. What happens if I do not  receive a response to my reservation request?
  6. How often is Gaytravel International updated ?
  7. Are local taxes included in my prices?
  8. Do my Client/s need to have travel insurance?
  9. Disputes and Complaints?
  10. What does 'Gay Friendly' mean?
  11. Help in using Gaytravel International?

What is Gaytravel International?

Gaytravel International is similar to the computerized reservation system (CRS) in your agency, except its deferred as oppose to being real time like your agency's CRS. 

All reservations requests for any tourism product contained on Gaytravel International  are processed directly to the tourism operator concerned or some commercial reasons, a tourism operator may have their reservation/s processed through our Reservation Centre.

All reservations/availability should be confirmed a reservation within 12-36 hours by email.

Urgent reservations can be made via our reservation system or via our 'Live Chat' system on the Internet. All urgent reservation processed by our reservation system will be processed as soon as they are received.

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How does Gaytravel International work?

Gaytravel International has been design for an individual or travel consultant to obtain information and prices on any accommodation, travel related product, bar/venue, events, etc, and/or make reservations for any accommodation or travel related product.

Reservation request/s or inquiry request/s are sent directly to the tourism provider concerned, who will respond directly back to the individual or travel consultant with either an availability, confirmation or answer to an inquiry.

Due to various commercial reasons, some tourism operators may have their reservation request/s or inquiry/s direct Gaytravel International Reservation Support Centre for processing.

All reservation request/s or inquiry/s should be responded within a 12-36 hour period. 

If you have not received a reservation availability, confirmation or a response to an inquiry after 36 hours, please resend your reservation request/s or inquiry again or if it is urgent, please contact Gaytravel Net's Reservation Support Centre by phone, fax, email or live via the Net at:

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Are commissions paid?

Yes, commission is paid on all reservations except for the following -

a.    InterCity/Newmans Coachlines in New Zealand

b.    Greyhound/Macaffeteries in Australia

c.    All major airlines in New Zealand and Australia, being -

       i.    Air New Zealand and Qantas
       ii.   Origin Pacific Airways in New Zealand
       iii.  Virgin Blue in Australia

d.    Rail services in Australia.

To get commission from a tourism provider on Gaytravel Net is through prepayment of a confirmed reservation.

Commission rate is 10% plus.

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How do I make payment/s for my Client?

Any payment/s are made directly to the tourism operator concerned by a Visa or Mastercard.

There are various options in the way a travel Agent can pay -

a.   The Travel Agent can pay by an Agency Visa or  Mastercard for the nett amount due to due the tourism concerned.

b.    If an Agency does not have their own Visa, Mastercard or American Express card, an individual Travel Consultant's Visa, Mastercard or American Express card.

All prices on Gaytravel Net are in the currency, you Client/s will be traveling in.

Invoice with cardholder's receipt and/or Travel Agent's commission will be posted to your Agency.

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What happens if I do not receive a response to may reservation request?

When you submit your reservation request, you will receive an acknowledgement that you reservation request or inquiry has been sent plus you your will receive an email confirmation that the your reservation or inquiry has been sent via Gaytravel International information reservation system.

If you do not receive either the acknowledgement and/or email confirmation, there could be a problem with the reservation system and/or you put in the incorrect return email address. 

If you have not received any email confirmation or acknowledgement from the respective tourism provider after 36 hours, please contact Gaytravel International Reservation Support Desk.

Please remember, the Internet in regards to electronic mail is still not a 100% reliable and that you may original reservation request or inquiry could have been lost in transmission.

Also, there could be a problem at the tourism operator's end, that they computer could be not working, their link to their Internet Service Provider (ISP) could be a fault or they could busy or away.

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How often is Gaytravel International updated?

Gaytravel International information reservation system is updated nightly 7 days a week.

If you have updated information and see an error concerning tourism provider in Gaytravel International, please let our Reservation Support Center know via our help information page.

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Are local taxes included prices?

If your client/s are traveling in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji, local taxes like Bed Tax, Goods & Service Tax (GST) in almost cases, is included in all prices.

In Tahiti most taxes are included in all prices except for the Bed Tax. Please check with the respective tourism operator when checking into or paying for any services.

If you are not sure if local taxes are included in any services, please ask the tourism operator concerned by adding a comment in the 'Comments' field of the reservation request.

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Do my Client/s need to have travel insurance?

It is recommended that your client/s have a travel insurance when traveling, to cover your luggage, personal belongings, medical and hospital care.

Hospital care in all 15 countries in the South Pacific region is expensive if your client/s do not have travel insurance.

Please check with your client/s if their medical insurer to what level the that your insurer will cover you to before leaving your country.

If your client/s requires travel insurance or require to top up your medical/travel insurance, use the travel insurer that your Agency uses for travel insurance.

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Disputes and Complaints?

If you have a complaint or a dispute with a tourism operator that is connected to Gaytravel International and if they are a Member of New Zealand Gay Lesbian Tourism Association, 'Approved Gay Friendly' or 'Gay Friendly', please contact   Gay Tourism New Zealand -

If the tourism operator is situated in Australia and is a Member of Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia, please contact Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia by email -

Before contacting New Zealand Gay Lesbian Tourism Association, Gay Tourism New Zealand or Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia, please try to resolve any dispute first. If you feel that you did not resolve the dispute, then please contact the respective gay and lesbian tourism trade association with your dispute or complaint.

All three organization do work together and have a long term aim to provide quality gay and lesbian tourism product for the South Pacific region.

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What does 'Gay Friendly' mean?

Under New Zealand Law, every tourism operator has to be 'Gay Friendly'.

New Zealand's gay and lesbian tourism industry is aware, despite the Law, there a straight tourism operators who do not want to have gay and lesbian travelers to use their services.

To over the problem of who is genuinely 'Gay Friendly' and who is not, Gay Tourism New Zealand have developed to levels of being 'Gay Friendly, being -

a.   'Approved Gay Friendly' -
'Approved Gay Friendly' applies to straight tourism operators whether the tourism operator has 2 or more location, like hotel chains, rental car operators, etc.

Being 'Approved Gay Friendly' is where the decision  has been made by senior Board Executives of that tourism operator and the policy of being 'Approved Gay Friendly' filters although all levels of the tourism operator's organization.

b.   'Gay Friendly'
'Gay Friendly' applies to small to medium size straight tourism operators with 1 location, who have a proven record of or accepts the expression of gay and lesbian lifestyle.

While New Zealand is the only international gay and lesbian destination to maintain these two levels of being 'Gay Friendly', Australian gay and lesbian tourism industry is attempting to adopt a national classification for their gay and lesbian tourism industry.

It is the aim of New Zealand's gay and lesbian tourism industry to maintain a genuine 'Gay Friendly' destination, with quality range of tourism product.

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Need help using Gaytravel International?

Our Help Page will answer most of your questions you may have.

If you have a question that our Help Page doesn't have an answer or if you need to contact our Reservation Support Centre, please feel free to contact us....

a.    By Phone - 64-4-917-9173   11am to 6pm Monday to Friday NZST
b.    By Fax      - 64-4-917-9174   
c.    By Email   -
d.    Chat live via the Net with our Help Desk.

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