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Gaytravel International is a 'Global Information Reservation Distribution System' (GIRDS) - for small to medium size tourism Operators, allowing consumers and travel agents to make reservations directly with tourism Operator/s in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific Islands.

Gaytravel International is not a Web Site or web based travel portal - offering links, but a fully interactive reservation system with information and reservation capability that works on the 'KIS' (Keep it Simple) system.

With access to 664 retail Travel Agents globally and receiving over 1500 unique visits per day from consumers from countries all around the world, Gaytravel International is a major reservation distribution system for gay and lesbian owned and 'Rainbow Tourism Accredited' tourism operators.

Gaytravel International is the only major reservation distribution system for New Zealand's gay and lesbian tourism industry.

With the introduction of 
Gaytravel Online - an online real time 'availability/Instant confirmation' reservation system powered by Seekom - Online Booking Solutions, Gaytravel International can now allow individual customer's and/or travel consultant's to check availability and make instant confirmation reservation's 24 Hours a day/7 days a week.

Gaytravel Online online 'availability/instant confirmation' reservation system, provides a secure credit card facility, reservation and stats reporting, hard copies of reservation requests and is portable - it can be used on other web and e-commerce internet sites unlike other  Internet based 'online reservation' systems. Please click for further information on Gaytravel Online.

Gaytravel International is also connected to the Global Help Support Centre  - Virtual Call Centre, an Internet based  'Chat' help desk where an individual or travel consultant can talk live in real time with a Global Help Consultant for travel information and assistance for New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific region.

Since Gaytravel International is a global information reservation distribution system, Gaytravel International does not operate any 'Reciprocal Link'  facility, due to the standard reservation page layout.
  Rainbow Tourism Accredited
If you are a main stream Tourism Operator or Accommodation Provider with 1 or more locations and would like to be involved in New Zealand's Gay & Lesbian Tourism Industry, you can be 'Rainbow Tourism Accreditated'.

Introduced in 1998 as 'Approved Gay/Lesbian Friendly', the 'Rainbow Tourism Accreditation' brand is endorsed by Gay Tourism New Zealand is being marketed internationally and within New Zealand, is a brand thats offers quality, professional tourism product/services to the gay and lesbian traveler.

The criteria for Rainbow Tourism Accreditation' is -

  • The Owners and/or Mangement of a tourism operation is committed in supporting the gay and lesbian lifestyle and are not seen to be exploiting the  gay & lesbian traveler.

  • That gay and lesbian guests can express their lifestyle openly and that the tourism operators owners, management and staff can handle any complaint from any person who disapproves of gay and lesbian lifestyle.

  • To provide quality, professional tourism product or services to the gay and lesbian traveler.

  • To be proactive in the marketing and promotion of New Zealand as a gay and lesbian destination.

These classifications do not apply if you are a gay or lesbian owned tourism business.

Gay Tourism New Zealand are committed to make New Zealand a genuinely 'Gay/lesbian Friendly' destination. Your acceptance of the above Criteria will help our tourism industry to achieve its goal in making New Zealand a truely 'Gay/Lesbian Friendly' gay and lesbian destination.

Starting from a dollar per day - you can be connected to this unique well established Global Information Reservation Distribution System.

Detailed below are various connection options. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information.

Note: GST is only chargeable for New Zealand based businesses.

If none of the prices meet your requirements or your need further information please feel free to contact us.

The Gaytravel International Information Reservation Distribution System is maintain and operated under licence by -

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