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The Gaytravel International  is an interactive information reservation system that allows you to make individual reservations ranging from gay men's, women and lesbian accommodation to domestic travel requirements within New Zealand but also obtaining information on gay men's and lesbian venues, bars and events within New  Zealand.

With 14 gay and lesbian tourist regions throughout the country to choose from, there is a huge range of diverse activities available, gay men, women and lesbian adventure, eco tours, skiing, to name some of the many opportunities available to the gay man, woman, lesbian, bisexual, transgender visitor wishing to see New Zealand's unique beauty.

To explore and experience this unique gay and lesbian destination, New Zealand has an extensive network of gay men, women and lesbian owned, 'Rainbow Tourism Accredited' and 'Gay/Lesbian Friendly' tourism providers offering accommodation, travel options - from rental
vehicles, independent vacation packages to small gay and lesbian group tours that operate all year.

Rainbow Tourism AccreditedNew Zealand is the first international gay and lesbian destination to adopt the 'Approved Gay/Lesbian Friendly' - introduced in 1998 and tighten the term - being 'Gay/Lesbian Friendly' for straight tourism operators wishing to become involved in New Zealand's gay/lesbian tourism industry.

This branding was necessary, as New Zealand law requires, no discrimination based on sexuality or lifestyle. The branding was also necessary to stop any exploitation of the 'Pink' tourism dollar, maintaining quality 'Gay/Lesbian Friendly' tourism product, so that New Zealand could be promoted as a genuine international 'Gay/lesbian Friendly'  destination to the gay and lesbian traveler instead of paying lip service.

With the steady growth of New Zealand's gay and lesbian tourism industry with new tourism operators, events, etc and the increasing demands by the international gay and lesbian traveller requiring quality gay and lesbian tourism product. On 1 October 2004 the 'Approved Gay/lesbian Friendly' criteria was rebanded to 'Rainbow Tourism Accredited' and will apply to all accommodation, events, tours and transport tourism product within New Zealand that is marketed to the gay and lesbian traveller.

Your help in supporting those tourism Operators who are 'Approved Gay/Lesbian Friendly'/'Rainbow Tourism Accredited' would be appreciated.

To help us to develop New Zealand as a gay and lesbian destination, Gaytravel International in association with Gay Tourism New Zealand, has prepared a Travel Survey to find out why gay and lesbian travellers want to visit New Zealand, how we can cater to your requirements and plan for the future, as our gay and lesbian tourism industry helps New Zealand's gay and lesbian community to grow through job, business and investment opportunities.

Gaytravel International information reservation system is consistently being update with new tourism operators, prices and information. Listed prices and information are for guidance only and may change without notice.