Freedom Air's idea of "value-based" is to provide a safe, reliable, no frills air service, offering competitively priced airfares. We give savings to the end user - the traveller, and have worked hard to reduce the cost charged by all our suppliers. An example is that Freedom Air does not provide a meal and has also reduced the cost of travel documentation, by providing ticketless travel - keeping documentation to a minimum and the travel process simple.

By keeping our costs down we can keep prices down, and deliver on our objective to be the best value-for-money airline. Unlike traditional airlines we do not offer mileage points, airport lounges, business class, video or audio entertainment - as again, all of these add costs to the bottom line, which means higher airfares. Our emphasis is on providing a safe, reliable service in the most cost-effective manner. We deliver this in a casual, friendly way - and try to reduce the usual hassles of travel as much as we can.

Our philosophy is to offer everyone the freedom to travel to exciting destinations at a price within their reach, to make travel more affordable for more people. We offer both international and domestic flight schedules. To check out our international and domestic route guide click here.

Freedom Air is no longer operating domestic flights between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Freedom Air is only operating from New Zealand to Australia to New Zealand. Click for Freedom Air network.

While our prices are turning the dream of air travel into reality for thousands of people, it is not at the expense of efficient and friendly service. Our crew are some of the best in the business - trained professionals who understand just how important a friendly, smiling face and a helping hand can be.

Freedom of flight ... yours whenever you choose to take it with Freedom Air. We hope to welcome you aboard very soon.

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